About us

Nu-Follica is an internationally recognized hair replacement company with associated centres world wide.

The team is a select group of service professionals dedicated to advancing the act and science of hair restoration through clinical practise and research. We are committed to providing accurate, up to date general information regarding hair loss, as well as each individual person's diagnosis and recommended treatment. We provide natural hair restoration, utilising proven procedures and advanced artistic techniques.

Our overall objective is to do our best to provide every Nu Follica client with excellence, and exceptional aesthetics, friendly, personalised care and efficient services, all delivered within professional and caring environment. We are the only ethnic hair replacement facility offering solutions to problems, surgical and non-surgical. Nu Follica has set the bench mark in ethnic hair by utilizing the latest trends in Europe, USA and Africa to offer every client with personalized solutions exclusive to you - male or female, surgical microfollicle transplants, non-surgical skin grafts or our exclusive First Lady Series hair additions and secret strand extensions.

Nu-Follica can be found in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Bloemfontein, East London, and Namibia, each centre with its own team of experts providing surgical, non-surgical procedures and Lazer treatment.

If you like honest assessment and sound advice, please call us for a free hair check consultation.