Micro Dot Pigmentation

A stylish NEW solution for hair loss sufferers around the world.

Micro Dot Pigmentation ( MDP ) is a specialised hair loss treatment that simulates the natural look of very short, cropped hair and effectively camouflages thinning hair, diffused hair loss especially in Ladies, scars and even gives a fuller look to hair transplants. MDP is a highly advanced, modern hair loss treatment that replicates shaven hair on the scalp. The illusion is so realistic that you actually believe that you have more hair and so does everyone else. It’s the very latest technique available in the world and what celebrities call “ the male grooming must-have”.


What is MDP?

MDP is a highly detailed procedure that creates an incredible natural simulation of micro hair. Our sophisticated scalp application is administered by highly qualified technicians, usually over 2 – 3 sessions, about a week apart, to create, what many are calling, the ultimate, modern solution for hair loss in persons who favour the shaven look.

What can MDP do for you?

Is MDP very expensive?

You will be surprised. Although it is a very intricate procedure, it is is very affordable.

Is MDP the right solution for you?

We believe that our MDP offers an additional solution for hair loss. Only during a private, personal and free consultation can it be determined if it is the right procedure for you.

Endorsed by the International Hair Loss Institute but only through accredited Clinics. Only available at HairOptions Unlimited. The only accredited Clinics in South Africa! www.nu-follica.co.za