Follicle Revitalizing Hair Program (Tri-Pack)

Consists of 3 products:

1.Shampoo to clean the scalp and prepares the scalp for the follicle revitalisation.

2. Cream to remove the DHT (which causes hairloss) and prepares the follicle

3.Spray tonic to nourish and supply amino’s to the follicle

Scalp Treatment – anti bacterial spray

Provides IMMEDIATE relief for itching and irritations caused by braids, weaves and wigs

No more “tapping or hitting” your head to stop the itching

3-in-1 Braid Spray

Enhances the texture and colour of hair

Contains Pro-vitamin B5 & ceramides

For braids, wigs & weaves

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Provides immediate solution to removing dry flaking scalp (dandruff)

Contains Zinc, Aloe and Geranium

Intensive Repair Shampoo

For relaxed, permed and chemically treated hair

Prepares the hair shaft for the intensive repair conditioner to repair the damage caused by the chemicals in the relaxers etc

Intensive Repair Conditioner

For relaxed, permed and chemically treated hair

Repairs the damage caused by the harsh chemicals found in relaxers and chemically treated hair

Restores the hair shaft structure

Lice Be Gone

Consists of a shampoo and conditioner

Non-toxic and has detangling agent to assist with easier combing

Safe to use on hair and for body lice

Kills nits and lice without scalp irritation or drying out of hair


Instantly builds your hair with natural keratin protein fibers – you will see a fuller head of hair in seconds.


Specifically designed to aid the body in restoring natural hair growth from within.

Trichotin – Premier DHT inhibitor

Prevents hair loss – stimulates hair growth (with saw palmetto)

Argabeta Beauty Oil Spray

A nourishing and hydrating protective oil which gives your extraordinary shine. Rich in Argan Oil and Vitamin E – prevents ageing and restores the energy reserves of the hairs fibers.

Spray onto damp hair for a long lasting glossiness and soft beautiful hair

Argabeta Oil

Is an intense beauty treatment for all hair types, contains Argan Oil & Beta Carotene. Non-greasy and will protect and restore your hair providing protection from UV damage.

Rub onto damp hair to leave the hair feeling silky and soft.

Argabeta Beauty Cream

Rich in marine proteins and amino acids, it protects hair giving it more volume and elasticity. Ideal for curly or permed hair, curls are more defined and soft and left frizz free.

Various lace tapes and adhesives

Various lace tapes and adhesives

Laser Comb Combo Set

This combo set includes:

- Laser comb

- Follicale rejuvenator

Designed to enhance treatment and speed up results for hair regrowth and follicle stimulation.