Improvement in 7 months

After experiencing hairloss after medical treatment.... 6 months later and you can see the outstanding results

Having experienced significant hairloss due to medical treatment, Yve was treated by Nu-Follica Hair Clinics since January 2013. Her main aim was to “stop” the hairloss.

6 months since starting the Nu-Follica Hairloss Treatment, a massive turnaround was achieved. Her hairdresser claims she has now over 30 % more hair than she had prior to commencing the medical treatment and subsequent hairloss. Since this recovery Yve has embraced her “natural colour” and does not tint or colour her hair as previously.

Improvement in 4 months

After 4 months you can see a massive improvement. See the next view in Decemeber 2013.

Neli approached Nu-Follica in April 2013. She had worn braids for a significant part of her life and had suffered extensive hairloss for the past 11 years. The after pictures were taken at the end of July 2013 (4 months later) and reflect the significant hair growth since using the Nu-Follica Hair Program and related treatments. We look forward to publishing the pictures in the next few months once full coverage is attained.

As per Neli’s own words when shown the pictures…………………….”Wow – I am soooo happy !!”

Overall Improvement

From left to right, you can see the miraculous improvement from one extreme to another and in the lower right hand corner you can finally see a smile on our clients face.


By the time I hit 33, my hair line had greatly receded. I stopped going out, or going to the gym. It really had an effect on my social life. People my own age were calling me "sir". It's ok if a teenager calls you "sir", but not people your own age. I looked ten years older than I really was.

I was able to change the way I looked almost over night. I finally went and did something about it. I feel great! Look at this! This IS my hair@ This is exactly how I want to look. It's perfect. This is the solution, the REAL solution.


"Well, I started out with long hair and several years ago I went through a tough time with a divorce and decided to cut all my hair off. When I started to grow my hair the transition from short to long was not cute at all.

I just love my new hair because I have the versatility of having long hair. I can style it, wear it up, slicked back or in a pony tail. I would recommend it to anyone; definitely to African American woman. I'm happier with the versatility of my new hair.